Shopping Notes


1. First of all, join the Website of the TALES group.
2. Add your favorite products to the shopping cart and go to checkout.
3. After the checkout is complete, the system will send an order formation notification and remittance information to the e-mail you left when completing the order.
4. Accept cash Bank or post office transfer
5. If you are a member, log in and go to Account Information → History Order to inquire about the order record you have purchased.

1. Courier information 
The order will be confirmed upon receipt of your payment or cash on delivery method set up, about 3 ~ 5 business days delivery to your address. If you have not received, you can return to this site and log in member area, through the "order status" for processing progress, or direct contact.
2. Payment method 
Cash on delivery:
ATM Money Transfer: Please remit the money to the designated account within 3 days after placing the order, so as to avoid the cancellation of the order. After remittance, by telephone, fax or email to inform the store your transfer account after 5 yards to facilitate reconciliation.
credit card payment:
3.Return instructions 
Appreciation during the return: According to the Consumer Protection Law, we provide seven days appreciation period (including holidays), in the case you do not use the case of unpacking, you can request replacement of other goods. Redemption within seven days During the inspection period, please keep the brand new and unused goods package completely recovered, including the purchase of goods, outer boxes, attachments, inside and outside packaging, random documents, gifts and so on. If missing parts, damage to the goods incomplete situation, I am unable to return. Returns please bear the freight, to be returned together with the invoice to the Company. We will do it as soon as possible for you.
Defects, defective returns: When you receive the goods found damaged, please contact us immediately. Shopping within seven days (including holidays), as long as the flaws, defective products, please contact us, we will bear the freight, if more than this period as the completion of inspection will not be returned.

1. 選購產品 為提供完善服務,本平台購物需先加入會員。
2. 進入購物車結帳
3. 填寫訂單資料及選擇付款方式 
4. 登入會員後,可查詢訂單狀況 一般出貨約需3-5個工作天。

1. 物流說明
訂單將會於確認收到您的款項或貨到付款方式後成立,約3~5個工作天內配送到您的收件地址。若遲遲未收到,您可回到本網站並登入 會員專區,透過"訂單狀態"查詢處理進度,或直接來電洽詢
ATM 提款機轉帳:請於下訂單後3天內匯款至指定帳戶,以免訂單被取消。匯款後,以電話、傳真或email告知店家您的轉帳帳號的後5碼,以方便對帳。
瑕疵、不良品退換貨:當您在收到商品後發現商品有破損,請立刻與我們聯絡。 購物七日內(含例假日),只要是瑕疵、不良品換貨,均請與我們聯絡,我們會負擔運費,若超過此期間視同驗收完成恕無法退換貨。

客服电话:07-3106001 电子信箱

Artilize Worldwide Co., Ltd. 
Taipei Office:2F., No.19, Taocih St., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 23942, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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客服電話:07-3106001 電子信箱