About Tales

Starting up in 2004, Artilize team has been collaborating with artists, designers and museums for the purpose of putting together vast design capacity, and likewise, integrating richness of cultural and historical inspirations into home and gifting concepts.  In doing so, created is TALES, a brand that tells stories of cultures and arts with its exquisite presentation of diverse product lines. Having successfully promoted the distinctive TALES’s home and gifting concepts into retail industry in Taiwan, TALES has further co-branded with the National Palace Museum since 2013, using chic, fashionable, innovative and artistic codes of design to transform museum pieces into a never-before- seen expression.

 Brand Introduction 
Of all expertise that TALES has demonstrated, it is the richness of art, cultures and creativities that successfully promotes TALES as a leading brand in retail business, and honored by global awards as well. In order to execute the fineness and originality, and to implement innovative concepts in design, Tales collaborates with multiple museums, artists and designers, and as a result, presents home and gifting products with fashionable, innovative and artistic codes. In 2013, TALES initiates a co-brand project with the National Palace Museum, which amazingly transforms ancient treasure into modern novelty, and brings artistic grace into everyday life.

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